Our Horses

Annie aka Ann M Caller is a black registered quarter horse mare who was born in 1990. Annie is a favorite of many of our younger riders. One reason she is a good therapy horse is the fact that she has “been there, done that.” In her younger days, Annie was shown in Western Pleasure classes; she also was in parades. She has taught several young people how to ride. During one lesson, Annie was on a lunge line with a young girl who was attempting her first canter. The little girl lost her balance, and I quickly said “Whoa.” Annie immediately halted; she froze with her legs spread out in an awkward position for several minutes trying to ensure that her rider was okay and still on her back. It was truly awesome to witness! She truly held herself in a position that could not have been comfortable for several minutes…..until I told her it was okay to move. Annie has a sweet nature, is very smart, and has lots of personality. She knows her cues very well, and she is a great horse for riding and for ground work. Most of all, everyone enjoys watching Annie “smile” after she gets a treat from a bucket after a lesson. Annie is owned by Tom and Cheryl Crider and leased for the program.
Baylee grazing
Baylee aka Dudes Little Sugar is a bay registered quarter horse mare who was born in 1995. She was previously owned by a little girl from the age of 4 until she became 8 1/2, so as you can imagine, Baylee is very gentle. You could say that she has more whoa than go. She enjoys trail-riding and was ridden at saddle clubs quite a bit by her previous owner. Baylee is owned by Tom and Cheryl Crider and leased for the program.
Frankie is dually registered as a Spotted Saddle Horse and a Tennessee Walking Horse. She is approximately 14 years of age. She has got the most beautiful blue eyes!! Frankie has a fair amount of experience and success as a show horse, but she has now taken on the persona of a therapy horse and works well with our riders. She is a favorite of several riders; many of our volunteers have asked her owner to remember them in her will!! Frankie has been trail-ridden quite extensively, and she has competed in local saddle clubs, along with her horse show experience. Frankie is owned by Carla Nichols and is leased for our program.
PJ aka Jazz-Mi-Tazz’s Pearl Jam is a beautifully dappled gray Missouri Fox Trotter mare. One of PJ’s riders who has autism appeared to be much more engaged when she was riding her. PJ consisitently does an excellent job with riders when on the lunge line. She loves trail riding, and typically wants to be the leader. Her pasture-mate is Baylee; she is PJ’s bff (best friend forever). PJ is owned by TLC Riding Academy, Inc. She is the first horse that we ever accepted as a donation. She was donated to our program by Jane Leatherland of Humboldt. Many thanks to Jane for her generous contribution to our program.
Gabe is a Gypsy Vanner who was placed in our program in July 2011 by the American Gypsy Horse Angel Foundation. He was raised at LexLin Ranch in Rockwood, Tennessee. In March of 2012, the AGHAF generously donated him to our program. Gypsy Vanners are very laid back; they are excellent selections for therapy horses. They have the draft mentality (calmness) in a smaller body. We are VERY excited to have him in our program. He has started being used quite a bit in therapeutic lessons as either a lesson horse or as the mount for the peer rider. We are planning to train Gabe to pull a cart so that we can eventually offer driving as an addition to our program. Many, many thanks to the American Gypsy Horse Angel Foundation and to LexLin Ranch for their generous spirits!

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