Wish List

Annie smiling!


Physical Therapist–Seek PT as a volunteer to assist us in initial consults

English saddle–15″ all purpose

English girth–47″

Weaver Smart Cinch–32″

Western Saddle Pad–SMX Air Ride or Reinsman Wool Felt (Need a quality pad as unbalanced riders are hard on our horses’ backs)

Western Sheepskin Seat Cover

Western safety stirrups–adult and children’s sizes

Printing of new brochures

Stirrup leathers (English)–48 inch

Western side pull

Ladder Reins

Knotted Reins

Adjustable Handle Reins

Pole Bending Poles and Stands

Riding Helmets (ASTM-SEI Approved), sizes XS, S, M, L  (Would particularly like to have a Tipperary Sportage helmet–XS)

Postage Stamps

Printing cartridges (HP 22 & 56)

8 1/2″ x 11″ white paper

Standard envelopes

Legal sized paper (We use this paper to print out brochures.)

Bumper pull horse trailer in good condition.  We need to take therapy horses out on trail rides, to saddle clubs, etc.  Horses need a lot of variety to keep them safe and sane.



therapeutic riding program for persons with disabilities